Kaiser Permanente HEAL Zone Initiative

The Kaiser Permanente HEAL [Healthy Eating and Active Living] Zone Initiative is designed to help combat obesity by making healthy choices accessible to more people in underserced communities across Southern California. Find out more about Kaiser Permanente's work across California at www.healzones.org.

The Lemon Grove HEAL Zone

The Lemon Grove HEAL Zone is a collaborative funded by Kaiser Permanente and facilitated by Community Health Improvment Partners.

The Lemon Grove HEAL Zone's collaborative includes organizational delegates and city residents from the nine sectors which are most influential in creating a healthier community: business, community, early childhood, faith, healthcare, local governement, media, schools and service organizations. This 3-year, 9-month program will empower residents to lead healtheir lives through environmental changes that are sustained by policeies and enhanced by education and promotion.

Overview of the Lemon Grove HEAL Zone: English & Spanish


Our vision is to see people eat better and move more as a part of their daily life.

Click here to read the summary of the Community Action Plan. Full version here.

HEAL Zone Goals

  1. Reduce calorie consumption
  2. Increase consumption of healthy foods and beverages
  3. Increase physical activity

Staff Contact

Melanie Briones, Director of Lemon Grove HEAL Zone

Mauri Hamilton, Program Assistant, (858) 609-7963

Check out the PSA our very own Steering Committee member and Lemon Grove resident, Jim Ellis, created for the HEAL Zone:

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Quick Facts

  • Overweight children are far more likely to be obese as adults (California Center of Public Health Advocacy, 2009)
  • In 2006 alone, overweight; obesity; and physical inactivity cost California $41 billion in healthcare and productivity loss
  • More children are being diagnosed with diseases linked to overweight and obesity previously seen only in adults, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease (The Obesity Society, 2009).

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Core funding provided in part by:

Kaiser Permanente County of San Diego

A project facilitated by:

California Health Improvement Partners

San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative
5095 Murphy Canyon Road, Suite #105, San Diego, CA 92123
(p)858.609.7964 - (f)858.609.7998
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