Active Living

Active Living in Lemon Grove

Park Name Address
Lemon Grove Park 2271 Washington Street
Berry Street Park 7071 Mt. Vernon Street
Firefighter's Skate Park 3062 School Lane
Dan Kunkle Park 8105 Lemon Grove Way
Civic Center Park 3200 Main Street

*Hours of Operation*

April-October: 6AM-9PM

November-March: 7AM-7PM

Parks are open daily

Walking Maps

Click the links below to see the unique Lemon Grove Walking Maps our partners over at Circulate San Diego helped create:

Half Mile Health Walk [.5 mile]- In need of a quick stroll to help recharge your battery at lunch time? The Half Mile Health Walk starts at the intersection of Broadwar and Main Street. You'll begin the walk heading towards Buena Vista Avenue and then loop back walking toward the starting point via Pacific Avenue. Please be aware that the sidewalks are limited on this route.

1 Mile Wellness Walk [1 mile]- This 1 mile Wellness Walk will take you through the, "heart of Lemon Grove". Starting at the corner of Broadway and Lemon Grove Avenue, check at the shops as you stroll though the business district. Turn down Kempf and continue to Lincoln, pay attention to the sidewalk situation on these streets. You will pass by the new Lemon Grove Library on Lincoln before reaching Lemon Grove Avenue. As you walk alongside Lemon Grove Avenue, be mindful of both motorist and bicyclists, as you will be walking alongside a bike lane on the sidewalk heading back toward the starting point.

Parks Walk [2.2 miles]- Are you looking for a pet friendly route? The Parks Walk will take you by 3 different city parks. Grab Fido and begin the walk at Berry Street Park [ intersection of Mt. Vernon Street and Berry Street], which has its very own dog park. Continue walking along Massachusetts Avenue, crossing over Lemon Grove Avenue and then stop at Monterey Heights Park, home of the Lemon Grove Little League. The last park, Lemon Grove Park, is also dog friendly. While your enjoying Lemon Grove Park, be sure to check out the low stem wall that divides the grassy area from the jungle gym play area. The Lemon Grove HEAL Zone YEAH! youth and community residents decorated the wall using stencils and vibrant paint.

Rail Trail [2.8 miles]- The "Rail Trail" encompasses both sidewalks and dirt paths. It will take you through commerical, as well as residential areas alongside the Orange Trolley Line. Starting at the Lemon Grove Depot following this map will bring you down to the Massachusetts Trolley Station. However, to get the full 2.8 miles, walk back along the trolley line and back up to the Depot.

Five Mile Fitness Walk [5.0 miles]- This five mile Fitness Walk starts in front of the famous Lemon Statue. As you begin walking toward City Center Park, you will cross Central Avenue and continue walking down Massachusetts Avenue. Once you turn onto Madera Street and begin the walk back, you may notice that this walk does require some more effort than the other walks on the list. This walk will take you through the residential neighborhoods along Mt. Vernon and San Miguel. As you walk back to the starting point on Lemon Grove Avenue, you will walk past the Lemon Grove Library on Lincoln. As you walk along School Lane and Golden Avenue in the home stretch, please be vigilant as both of these streets back up to several parking lots.


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  • One in four children in San Diego County is overweight or obese; this is slightly higher than the national average (California Center for Public Health Advocacy, 2009)
  • Overweight children are far more likely to be obese as adults (California Center of Public Health Advocacy, 2009)
  • More children are being diagnosed with diseases linked to overweight and obesity previously seen only in adults, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease (The Obesity Society, 2009).

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