Steering Committee



  • Steve Browne, Courtesy TV
  • Melanie Lucero, HEAL Zone Restaurants


  • Austin Harvell, Helix Charter High School
  • Angeles Nelson, Lemon Grove School District
  • Robert Robinson, Broadway Heights Community Council
  • Marianne West, Lemon Grove Resident
Early Childhood
  • Blanca Brown, Home-based Childcare Provider
  • Pastor Jeff Lettow, First Baptist Church of Lemon Grove
  • Dr. Bina Adigopula, Grossmont Pediatrics
  • Shreya Sasaki, Kaiser Permanente
Local Government
  • Graham Mitchell, City of Lemon Grove
  • Katie Judd, San Diego County Health and Human Services
  • Christine Huard, UT San Diego
  • Jim Ellis, Legacy Productions
  • Ernie Anastos, Lemon Grove School District
  • Robin McNulty, Lemon Grove School District
Service Organizations
  • Jennifer Mendoza, Soroptimists International- Lemon Grove

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Quick Facts

  • More children are being diagnosed with diseases linked to overweight and obesity previously seen only in adults, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease (The Obesity Society, 2009).
  • One in four children in San Diego County is overweight or obese; this is slightly higher than the national average (California Center for Public Health Advocacy, 2009)
  • Walking and biking have decreased more than 40% during the past 3 decades, partly because of unsafe routes and poor walking conditions (Active Living Research, 2009).

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Core funding provided in part by:

Kaiser Permanente County of San Diego

A project facilitated by:

California Health Improvement Partners

San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative
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